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1963 – Infer Indústria de Máquinas e Ferramentas Ltda. starts activities. The company was founded by Pasquale Milone and Leopoldo Funaro in São Paulo to manufacture special high-speed steel rotary tools, such as end mills, face mills, drills, reamers.

1972 – The company associates with Carl Hurth Maschinen und Zahnraden Fabrik, Germany, and changes its corporate name to Hurth Infer Indústria de Máquinas e Ferramentas Ltda. With the association, the company brought to Brazil the highest technology applied to the manufacturing of gears and shaving cutters, used to finish high-precision gears. Also in 1972, the company moved to their own area in Sorocaba, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

1979 – Extension of the product line and start of manufacturing internal and external broaching tools.

1992 – Start of the production of carbide rotary tools.

2006 – The branding of all the company’s products incorporates the acronym HI.

2011 – Installation of a service unit (HIRS) in the southern region of Brazil, in Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, dedicated to the reconditioning of broaches and carbide rotary tools.

2015 – Installation of a new HIRS unit in Joinville, Santa Catarina, to recondition carbide rotary tools.

2016 - Hurth Infer started to produce exclusively cylindrical and flat broaches, broaching devices, special Carbide and high-speed steel rotary tools, and manufacturing of broaching machines. In the segment of services, the company focused the reconditioning of broaches and carbide rotary tools, broaching services, development of solutions for broaching processing, retrofit of broaching machines, and heat treatment of tool steel products.


Hurth Infer manufactures its products and provides services with assured quality, from raw material to the final product or service performed.

The company counts with modern equipment and control devices, in addition to keeping an updated team of technicians responsible for applying this concept to all the company’s operations.

Product Engineering

Hurth Infer has a team of specialized engineers and technicians who develop special projects and tools, according to the clients’ needs and requirements.

Using 3D technology and continuous update, the designers work to achieve the best operating solution, maximum efficiency of each tool, as well as the best cost-benefit ratio for the client.